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Welcome to the Other Games page where you can read a small selection of... some other games... and if you like discuss them in the chat module beneath.

Wxyzaerds ~ PDF ↷

Wxyzaerds is a majestic, multi intuitive diceword strategy game, for two or more players.

The objective of the game is to create highest scoring words through the rolling of letter dice, whilst juggling your strategical providence with the Cobra Paw die.

Yet the true magic of this game resides in the creativity of the players, who can create their own Wizard Words and Wizard's Dictionary, opening a whole new universe of magic, chance, chaos and ultimately spells.

Thus there are several different ways of scoring, indeed there are even two progressive score types to challenge and the game features an incredible depth of dimension between player competition.

This passionately laboured creation is so much more though, than a mere game of letter dice. For contained within its composition is a beautifully crafted philosophy of community and belonging.

The linked *.pdf rulebook is an auto generated file of an actual webpage I had running at a time specifically for this game and so it will feature visible website cosmetics on the pages. However this is the only workable file I have for the game and converting its contents to a new document would prove to be more work than I can handle at this time.

But hey, that's a thing about Wizards. * Yaaaawn *.

Krikkit ~ PDF ↷

Krikkit is a strategic dice game for two or more players, based on The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy novels. It is played similar to Yahtzee, but also features a challenging quiz, risky space faring obstacles, extra abilities to outsmart your opponent, and the opportunity to trade in cosmic real estate!

Skeight ~ PDF ↷

Skeight is another twenty-sided dice adventure I found myself undertaking one evening whence suffering from an 18 month long night-shift enduced insomnia... "experience".

In short, this game is somewhat akin to Boules or Bowls, only with dice. Herewith, eight different coloured D20 dice are rolled down a 5-8 feet long court, in turns, whereby each player attempts to accumulate the highest score by consistently rolling his/her dice closest to the highest rewarding target die. Honestly... great... fun.

Hippo ~ PDF ↷

Hippo is a humbling variation of Conkers, played by rolling them across the ground and attempting to maintain a continuum of points accumulation, before all your Conkers are eliminated.

This is a simple yet very warming game for all the family and can be played with as many people as you like.

I invented this game once upon a time, whence meditating under a Horse Chestnut tree.

Read about Conqueror Chess, an evolution of the Classical game featuring Conkers.

Thank you for reading.