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"Oh ye grande firmament of sixty-four squares, thou have teased the caverns of my mind for so long a time, thine good pawns and knights and queens, a royal castling of philosophy with love, yet... a circle of untruths, of forever pains and crimes... thou tortures me with hopelessness for a nirvana that doth not exist!

Is it a game to promise life and yet reward only with death? Aye, for Chess is like a selfish king whom seeks to find greatness only in himself, a promise of a living happiness which in truth art merely an endless death. Behold now thence I shall capture not thine rooks or knights, but capture I will thine grande firmament and reshape it anew with stronger, forever loving hands."
~ Ckess

Poetry, Music, Cycling, Chess, ye old "Paper World" and of course much of World Literature has always been and always will be, the narrator and the narration of my life.

Born in 1978, I am a time traveller of sorts, a person deeply connected to my 20th century roots and the quiet song of life which once sang for all as the sweet croissant and good espresso of our days.

My blog, whilst embracing of modern or 'progressive' technology, is likewise a defensive 'tardis', its mission to bring unto the world a good handful of my creative works, yet meanwhile presenting only its flight, its colours and its fading face, whilst in truth it silently seeks to protect the real world from the growing 'nothing' of 'smart' phone enslavement and to destroy the darkness which has 'hijacked' the majestic poetical narration of our once meaningful lives.

I am Simon, welcome to my square.

To your right hand you will find my Twitter feed, from where I publish short reflections, opinions or discussions on the historic savourings, modern eventisms and creative wonderings of our world.

At the bottom of the page you will find a Games Vault & Alt Pages module, which whence opened will display a database of all my best Chess Variants, Other Games and also a handful of Featured Pages, detailing some of my creative works that I feel would be, whilst only of modest interest, also of great spirit for the human soul. You can also watch Live Blitz games between grandmasters!

You can connect with me over on Twitter from where I tweet my Micro Blog and if you like, help me to bring my games Ckess & Scacchronos onto the grande table.

Or, if you'd rather just share this webpage with your friends, please do!

Thank you for reading.

JEPPSQUARE / Simon Jepps

Open Vault / Alt Pages ⧎

Games Vault

Chess Variants

Many of these PDFs are from an archive created over the years whence originally hosted on previous personal blogs, as such they may show cosmetic detailing of a particular website theme, which is different to that of

Scacchronos ~ PDF
8x8 variant featuring dice as time-keepers & empowerers of special movement.
The Jeppsquare favourite. ♞
Jepps Random Chess ~ PDF
8x8 variant of GM Fischer's game, employing dice as divinators, thus granting player tactical choice, increasing opening setups & simplifying Castling.
Jeppscha'nga ~ PDF
8x8 variant of Chaturanga employing Classical western pieces and also Conkers.
Conqueror ~ PDF
10x10 variant featuring Wizards & Conkers.
Conqueror 64 ~ PDF
8x8 transposition of Conqueror.
Genie Of The Lamp ~ PDF
8x8 variant featuring counter pieces.
Chec Toe ~ PDF
4x4 variant featuring dice, infinite movement & wizardry.
Jepster Chess ~ PDF
10x10 variant featuring an evolved Jester piece.
Siceirawan ~ PDF
8x8 variant featuring a modified Seirawan ruleset.
Ckess ~ PDF ↷
The JEPPSQUARE featured game, whilst not officially a Chess Variant, is played with a Chess-like philosophy and strategical mindset. A two player Checkers variant, featuring a touch of Chess and Indian Chaturanga.

Other Games

SKEIGHT / Simon JeppsSkeight ~ PDF
Quite possibly the best dice game ever conceived! Played like boules/bowls, Skeight is a two-player tactical dice game utilizing eight D20s (twenty sided dice) of different colours, as rolling ballistics. A Jeppsquare favourite.

Wxyzaerds ~ PDF
A majestic, multi intuitive diceword strategy game, for two or more players. The objective of the game is to create highest scoring words through the rolling of letter dice, whilst juggling your strategical providence with the Cobra Paw die. Yet the true magic of this game resides in the creativity of the players, who can create their own Wizard Words and Wizard's Dictionary, opening a whole new universe of magic, chance, chaos and ultimately the wonder of spells.

Krikkit ~ PDF
Download Score Sheet
A strategic dice game for two or more players, based on The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy novels. It is played similar to Yahtzee, but also features a challenging quiz, risky space faring obstacles, extra abilities to outsmart your opponent, and the opportunity to trade in cosmic real estate!

Hippo ~ PDF
A humbling variation of Conkers, played by rolling them across the ground and attempting to maintain a continuum of points accumulation, before all your Conkers are eliminated. This is a simple yet very warming game for all the family and can be played with as many people as you like. I invented this game once upon a time, whence meditating under a Horse Chestnut tree.

Alt Pages

JEPPSHARP / Simon JeppsThe Jepps'harp
A diatonic Blues Harmonica featuring a modified tuning setup, which as a result, grants the player more fundamental chords, more useful root keys and more diverse melodic phrasing possibilities.

CKESS / Simon JeppsThe Game Of Ckess
A two player strategy board game, played with and like Checkers, only featuring much more indepth tactical challenges. A modest blending of Checkers, Chess and Indian Chaturanga.

JEPPSAX / Simon JeppsThe Jeppsax
A wearable hybrid musical instrument with saxophonic traits, made by marrying a custom styled Hohner Melodica with a custom configured Seydel Big Six harmonica.

LWTF / Simon Jepps
Living With The French
The short novel, or "diary story", of myself a foreign exchange student,
whilst living with a French family during my childhood in the 1990's.

JEPPSQUARE / Simon Jepps

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