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The rules to Jeppsquare are actually exquisitely simple and yet likewise exquisitely profound unto the integrated mechanics of the Classical game.
  • ONE Knight may sidestep ONE square horizontally ONCE in the game, but MAY NOT CAPTURE, nor may it threaten an undefended piece. It may still deliver Check however.
    • Optionally, the Knight may move this way in the same turn as the adjacent Bishop's first, occupying its square. Notated with a forward slash and 'N' after the Bishop move.
  • The King, EXCEPT whence in CHECK, may move like a Knight ONCE in the game, but MAY NOT CAPTURE, nor may it threaten an undefended piece.
Jeppsquare was designed for three reasons:
  1. To increase the Knight's opening move options and inject some spice into the middle/end game, yet whilst preserving as much Classical continuum as possible.
  2. A modern 'move of peace'. One square, non capturing, non threatening.
  3. To resurrect the original Indian spirit of the game, yet whilst preserving the modern inventory and method of play.
Of course the Knight's 'move of peace' will not bring about an end to the "battle", for Chess is just a game, yet the purpose of this 'move of peace' is to bring a metaphysical element of 'suggestive truce' unto the game's 'narrative'. A friendly touch to a historic game of war.

Regard the Knight's sidestep more as an "omen", a message of reason and a philosophical warning to heed the voice of truce, lest thine enemy unleash the wrath of all his mighty army and remove you from the face of all this Earth.

Quite dramatic really.

The King's special Knight move is actually a tribute to the original Indian origins of the game. Whence of Chaturanga, the King would be allowed to move like a Knight for one time only in the game.

At first glance it would seem unthinkable to allow such a wild move today in the modern game. Yet when one actually thinks about it, by moving your King like a Knight you are in fact distancing it from the carefully prepared defensive positioning of all your other pieces ~ because it goes against the chronology of your strategical development.

Thus in actual fact we have here not only a uniquely curious tactical twist but even ~ an evolution of Chess philosophy. Does one take a "leap of faith", or does one take a "leap of doom"..? Aye, to leap or not to leap... that my friend, is the question.

And finally, when it comes to suffering a blunder at the hand of unjust worldly distractions, the King's leap is therefore the most perfectly balanced compensational offering.

Herewith and, as I would call it, "the modern cousin of the Classical game," Jeppsquare is thence a fantastical "reinarnation" of a so very... very ancient pastime.

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Finally, if you would like to know more about the artworks of Eddie William Powell, who's painting The Elephants & Our Destiny graces this website, then Click Here.

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JEPPSQUARE / Simon Jepps
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