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Jepps Chess variants.

WELCOME to the square & thank you for visiting! This website features dedicated investigations into evolving Chess and many other wonders of Chessvariantism.

Many of these PDFs are from an archive created over the years whence originally hosted on previous personal blogs, as such they may show cosmetic detailing of a particular website theme, which is different to that of

Here at the top you will find the Jeppsquare prime candidates and below a Gamezvault containing many more Chess Variant creations.

Mageca Chess     PDF
MAGECA CHESS by Simon E Jepps

The ultimate next
evolution of Chess &
the grande summit of
Jeppsquare Chess
Variant investigations.

Mageca Chess is a variant I have designed to ultimately address and remedy the problems associated with evolving Chess unto a 100sq board.

Mageca Chess is a 10x10 variant featuring a new Piece, the Mageca and additionally the curiosity of a Camel move for the Knight. All other Classical Chess rules, apart from a minor adjustment to Castling & En Passant, remain the same.

Knight²     PDF
Knight² is moreso "a new move unto Chess", modifying the function of the Knight origin-square and thus not only solving the paradox of how to salvage & improve the Opening Knight move 'Kt-R3', but of how to actually evolve the 64sq game into an "infinitely" greater dimension. This game is one of the Jeppsquare prime candidates for evolving Chess due to its powerful commanding of the Classically Temporal arena.

Entity     PDF
Entity is an 8x8 variant employing an invisible 'blindfold' piece with a metaphysical presence. This game is one of the Jeppsquare prime candidates for evolving Chess due to its seamless compatible integration with Classical Chess rules & etiquette.

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Via Lichess live.

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Some other items.

The Mujannah Opening ~ PDF
1. f4 2. c4 regardless of Black's response.
The Leather Pouch Set ~ PDF
Of all the sets, my closest ally.
The Jepps'harp ~ PNG
Revolutionary special Harmonica tuning.
JEPPS'HARP / Simon Jepps
For the intermission,
my proud invention.

Thank you, for reading.

~M~o~r~e ~ ~ ~ V~a~r~i~a~n~t~s~

Sejrang ~ PDF
8x8 variant & transposition of Indian Chaturanga unto Western Chess, expertly designed with logical integrity & continuum, harnessing a balance of mathematics, science and spirituality.
Scacchronos ~ PDF
8x8 variant featuring dice as time-keepers & empowerers of special movement.
Jepps Random Chess ~ PDF
8x8 variant of GM Fischer's game, employing dice as divinators, thus granting player tactical choice, increasing opening setups & simplifying Castling.
Conqueror ~ PDF
10x10 variant featuring Wizards & Conkers.
Conqueror 64 ~ PDF
8x8 transposition of Conqueror.
Genie Of The Lamp ~ PDF
8x8 variant featuring counter pieces.
Chec Toe ~ PDF
4x4 variant featuring dice, checkering,
cross-positioning & wizardry.
Jeppscha'nga ~ PDF
8x8 variant & mystical tribute to Chaturanga,
employing not only Classical western pieces
but also Conkers & other wonders.
Jepster Chess ~ PDF
10x10 variant featuring an evolved Jester piece.
Siceirawan ~ PDF
8x8 variant featuring a modified Seirawan ruleset.
Ckess ~ PDF ↷
Whilst not officially a Chess Variant, is played with
a Chess-like philosophy and strategical mindset.
A two player Checkers variant, featuring a
touch of Chess and Indian Chaturanga.